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Gatsby Glamour and Modern Flair
– Something Old, Something New –

The Vale Venue

What started as an imperial home for one of Conroe’s Founding Fathers has since been transformed into one of Conroe’s leading wedding and event venues. And it took some pretty amazing people to do that. Rich in history and thriving with throwback glamour, The Vale offers a beautiful antiquity for your big day.
A canopy of sprawling live oak trees
Glowing lights and illuminated paths
Water flowing over tiered fountains
Intimate outdoor gathering spaces
Travis & Leslie Postany, Owners

Behind The Vale

A fondness for antiquity led us to this historic estate. Our desire is to rejuvenate the property, evoke the feeling of being transported somewhere new, and make this private oasis more accessible to those who will admire its old world charm. It’s rewarding to do just that for our treasured couples, their families and friends.

Our History

The Beginning
  • Drawn to Conroe

    A vision of what this young town might someday

    John Wahrenberger, an enterprising young man, was drawn to Conroe with a vision of what this young town might someday become. Here, he met his wife, had two children, and became one of Conroe’s founding fathers and most prosperous citizens.

  • A Stately Mansion is Built

    One of the first homes on Montgomery County records

    John and his wife Mittie built a stately 6,600 sq.ft, 3-story, 11-room Victorian house for their family. It was one of the first homes on Montgomery County records. John continued to operate his many companies and serve in civic capacities in Conroe until his passing in 1933.

  • Restored to a Bed & Breakfast

    A Bed & Breakfast named Heather's Glen

    The Wahrenberger home stood vacant for many years (allowing ivy to cover the home and a live oak tree to grow through the attic. Ed and Jamie George purchased the mansion to restore it as a bed and breakfast. It was called Heather’s Glen, named after their daughter Heather.

  • Amazing Relics Uncovered

    An 1850's wedding license discovered

    Heather’s Glen was featured on HGTV’s If Walls Could Talk (Season 11, Episode 13) revealing unique items found in the attic during renovations. This included a pair of ladies' parasols, a family bible from 1803, and an 1850's Wahrenberger wedding license (seems meant to be!)

  • Becoming a Wedding Venue

    The Chapel is added to the property

    In the early 2000’s the property began to transform from a bed and breakfast to a full wedding chapel and event venue in downtown Conroe. The Garden Room was added around 2001, and the Chapel was added in 2007. Since then, so many memorable events have taken place on the property.

  • Revitalized as The Vale

    The keys were handed over to new owners

    During its 110-year-old birthday, the keys for this prominent property were handed over to new owners, Travis and Leslie Postany and her parents, Keith and Deb Alexander. With such a significant presence and deeply-rooted history, the owner’s vision is to rejuvenate the stately property, allowing it to host many more memorable weddings and events to come.

The Present
Sources: Larry L Foerster, Chairman, Montgomery County Historical Commission; If Walls Could Talk; and the Texas Historical Commission

In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

– János Arany