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Ready Room

rest + relax
Rest and relax before the ceremony in a hideaway fit for a bride

The Ready Room

The Vale Venue Gold Key

Prepare for the bride’s grand entrance in the ready room tucked off to the side of the Chapel entrance. As your guests assemble for the ceremony down the hall, hide the bride in this deco-styled room while taking care of the finishing touches.

Our large, floor-length mirrors are perfect for the bridal party to do a final check on their suits and dresses. Touch up your makeup in the well-lit mirrors or relax with your bridal party on our comfortable couch and chairs.

This area is also a fantastic place for the bride and her father to share a private moment before going down the aisle together and capture her exit through the Ready Room’s grand double doors.

Is the Ready Room attached to the Chapel?

Yes, the Ready Room is just off the main entrance to the Chapel. The Ready Room doors open to the Chapel lobby where the bride will prepare to walk down the aisle.

Is the Ready Room good for photo opps?

Our Ready Room is a perfect spot for first look or first touch photographs with the groom or dad, as well as last-minute photos with mom and bridesmaids.

How else can we use the Ready Room?

Our Ready Room can be used in a variety of ways. It can be the place where the wedding party gathers after the ceremony while the guests leave the Chapel. If there is inclement weather, the Ready Room can serve as a back-up area for the bride to get dressed. We’ve even had a bride and groom opt for a private dinner in this tucked away space.


Approx. 400 sq. ft.

Private Bath:


Full Length Mirror: